The Laundress Baby Bundle In Black/White

The Laundress Baby Bundle In Black/White

This bagged The Laundress garment care set contains three baby-friendly products. Nice, classy design. Includes baby detergent (33.3 fl. This is not only a beautiful comfortable piece but super nice for traveling! oz. Nice fabric-especially for travel. / 1 liter), baby fabric conditioner (16 fl. Very flown and light weight. oz. Styley with jewelry to go out for an even dinner. / 475 ml), and baby fabric refresher (4 fl. Style itself isn't too fancy but a full length red item is WOW for sure! oz. I ordered it thinking it would be a soft cotton, to my delight it's almost a yoga pant fabric. / 125 ml). Fits perfect and really pretty. Made in the USA. L almost think I could have gone with a small for a tighter fit. Baby detergent ingredients: plant-derived anionic and nonionic surfactants, stain-fighting and cleaning enzymes (protease, amylase, cellulase, lipase), mineral-derived cleaning enhancers (borax, sodium gluconate, and calcium chloride), essential oils, and fragrance. I belt it with a white belt for a bigger statement. Baby fabric conditioner ingredients: plant-derived softener (canola-based), mineral-derived cleaning enhancer (calcium chloride), essential oils, and fragrance. Fit jus fine. Baby fabric refresher ingredients: deionized water, alcohol, essential oils, and fragrance. It feels like a very soft nightgown, but it makes you look like you care what others think of your outfit.

Price: USD 60.00

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