Michaela Buerger Oversize T-Shirt Dress In Red

Michaela Buerger Oversize T-Shirt Dress In Red

This loose, lightweight Michaela Buerger T-shirt dress is detailed with knit perfume bottles. The cleavage area is very exposing, but I will use double sided tape to close it in. Banded neckline. Its made of excellent quality materials. Elbow-length sleeves. Perfect fit and recommendly design. Uneven hem with side slits. The slip needs to be at least to your thighs as the skirt is see through as well. Unlined. Fits perfectly and it does has some stretch to it. Fabric: Lightweight jersey. Gift for my Daughter she likes it. Shell: 100% cotton. The lace is not too sheer so I don't have to worry about feeling as though I am going to rip straight through it every time I put the design on. Trim: 85% cotton/15% cashmere. I saw this design months ago and wanted to order it but they wouldnt ship to my country. Hand wash or dry clean. Sparkly, form fitting but not too tight. Made in France. This design is absolutely perfect. Measurements Length 1: 31.5in I was very surprised at how well it fit and I can't wait to wear it for my August wedding! / 80cm, from shoulder to front hem Length 2: 34.75in / 88cm, from shoulder to back hem Measurements from size S But as of right now very please.

Price: USD 280.00

Where To Get: BUY HERE

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